Direct Access - Be Your Own Referral

Are you feeling pain right now that you think physical therapy may help alleviate? Have you ever felt that way and didn’t know what to do? Well, each state now allows patients to be seen by Physical Therapists under Direct Access through your health insurance. Keep in mind that each insurance plan and not all of them allow therapists to bill them through Direct Access.

What is Direct Access? Direct Access removes the need for a referral from a physician. A patient is able to be seen by a Physical Therapist for an initial evaluation. You are then able to be seen for 30 days of medically necessary visits. If you still need more treatment, you will need to obtain a referral.

Being seen by a physical therapist first helps to let you know how to communicate your symptoms to your primary care physician or other medical professional. The physical therapy may even correct any issues and you may not need to see your primary care; however, it is best to listen to the advice you will receive from your therapist.

Since each insurance plan is different contact us if you need direction on how to proceed. Each plan is unique with how Direct Access is handled. Take the first step in feeling better. Give us a call at 703-221-3913 to set up an evaluation.